I began my yoga journey in my 20s and, after a hiatus in running and fitness, returned to regular practice 15 years ago. This journey led me to teaching yoga with a focus on integrative yoga therapy. My classes offer a range of full poses and adjustment options. I love the connection, strength and calmness I gain from yoga: I come to my mat for breath and movement and always find peace and hope!

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  • Mudra Practice with Casey

    Explore ways to find connection, safety and calmness through Mudra meditations. Casey introduces 3 Mudras in this 5 minute class; Conch, Anjali & Lotus, sharing a practice you can use on or off your mat.

  • Peaceful Stretch with Casey

    Release stress and unwind through this 30 minute full body stretch led by Casey. Expect to lengthen, soften, breathe, spiral and roll. Bring a tennis ball or something similar to roll out tight muscles and find some love!

  • Heart Opening Flow with Casey

    Casey begins with a thoughtful quote to set the tone for class and then guides you through a flow that is both heart warming and opening. Props are optional, as always. Enjoy!