Hi! My name is Kayla (she/her). I have loved movement for as long as I can remember. I grew up doing gymnastics, kayaking and competitive cheerleading. In 2006 I was introduced to yoga in a class setting at Feel Yoga Kingston where I found many of the same physical benefits of the activities I grew up doing and eventually so much more. Through yoga I am learning to be healthy, not sweat the small stuff, practice peace and connect with myself. After completing my degree in psychology, I attended my initial 500 hour RYT training in 2012 at Moksha Yoga Victoria. I have since pursued further studies in yoga therapy, mindfulness and trauma-informed approaches to yoga. I am also an aerial circus artist, cat lady and handstand enthusiast.

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  • Floating Flow with Kayla

    Join Kayla for this advanced, vigorous flow practice that includes arm balances, floats and inversions, followed by a guided relaxation that will have you melting onto the floor.

  • Salti Yoga with Kayla

    Our 60 minute signature salti yoga sequence led by Salti Yoga co-creator, Kayla Stanistreet. This practice is slow-paced, but challenging in a way that is suitable for all-levels. Expect to strengthen, stretch, balance and breathe.

  • Savasana with Kayla

    For those moments when you just need to lay down and take a deep breath. Let Kayla guide you through a 10 minute full body relaxation AKA savasana.

  • Yang/Yin with Kayla

    In this 60 minute Yang/Yin practice with Kayla, you'll move slow and strong with breath for the first 40 minutes. For the last 20 minutes you'll hold some deeper, passive stretches and breathe into them. Ends with a guided savasana.

  • Release Your Neck with Kayla

    Give your neck some TLC. Mindfully stretch your neck muscles to help relieve tension in your neck and jaw.

  • Stretch your Hips with Kayla

    Explore and improve the full range of motion in your hips in this 30 minute beginner-friendly practice with Kayla.

  • Flow with Kayla

    In this class, physical poses are strung together with breath and movement in a continuous flow led by Kayla Stanistreet. This class involves more movement and more challenging poses than our other classes. Recommended for the seasoned yogi. Expect to energize, strengthen, stretch, balance and br...

  • Beginner Yoga with Kayla

    Join Kayla for this well-rounded 30 minute beginner yoga practice. Whether you are new to yoga or just looking for a gentler practice, this class is for you and will give you the basics.

  • Core with Kayla

    Inspired by yoga and gymnastics conditioning, this class, led by Kayla Stanistreet focuses on strengthening and toning all of the muscles that wrap around your waist. Get stronger by using breath awareness and simply the weight of your own body. Expect to strengthen, move slow, sweat & breathe.‚Äč

  • Mindful Meditation with Kayla

    Sit still and quiet your mind as Kayla guides your breath in this short meditation.

  • Legs up the Wall

    Spend a lot of time on your feet? Put your legs up the wall with Kayla and experience the amazing benefits for your circulation, posture and nervous system. Your feet will thank you.

  • Restore with Kayla

    Grab a blanket and get cozy with Kayla in this 30 minute restorative yoga practice.