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Watch Breath of Victory

Watch Breath of Victory

Breath of Victory

Breathing Techniques with Mackenzie • 9m 47s

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  • Box Breath with Mackenzie

    In Sanskrit, Sama means same or equal and Vritti can mean waves or breath, so this pranayama is about equalizing breaths. This technique is great for reducing stress. It has a nice visualization and is also great for kids. The ultimate goal of this practice is to have equal amounts of inhaling, h...

  • Calming Breath with Mackenzie

    This exercise can be done seated or lying down. It consists of 2 sips of air in through the nose and 1 long exhale through the mouth. It is great because it connects to a natural function of the body that we often do after crying to calm us down or catch our breath. The double inhale maximally in...

  • 2x Breath with Mackenzie

    This technique is simple and effective. The whole purpose is that the exhale becomes twice as long as the inhale. As you focus on counting and lengthening each exhale you start to feel all the benefits of this breathing exercise. You can do this anytime, anywhere and no one will even notice. It’s...